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Clothing Industry :


We’re here at Rota Meta to revolutionize the textile industry and present your weaving artistry in a more vibrant and captivating way than ever before! By leveraging virtual and augmented reality, we’re taking textile design to the next level and pioneering a new era in the world of weaving.

Who Are We?
Rota Meta was founded with the aim of bringing a fresh perspective to the textile industry through virtual and augmented reality. We provide innovative tools for designers, manufacturers, and retailers to develop and market textile products more quickly and effectively.

Our Services:

Digital Fabric Samples: Speed up your design process and provide customers with a more realistic preview by creating lifelike fabric samples in a virtual environment.

Fashion Show Simulations: Showcase your collections in virtual fashion shows, offering customers a unique experience by presenting your designs in an impressive manner.

Production and Quality Control Simulations: Optimize your production processes in a virtual environment and make quality control processes more efficient.

Augmented Reality: Stay ahead of your competitors by allowing customers to see and experience your collections in their own homes, becoming their preferred choice.

Why Rota Meta?

Technological Innovation: We lead the industry by utilizing the latest technology in textile design.

Customer Satisfaction: By offering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, we establish long-term partnerships.

Speed and Efficiency: Accelerate your design, production, and marketing processes with virtual and augmented reality.

Partner with Rota Meta to push the boundaries in the world of textiles and take your design to the next level. Bring your textile design to life with virtual reality and amaze your customers in an impressive way.

Get in touch with us and let’s shape the future of the textile industry together!

Automotive Industry:


Get ready to take your driving experience to the next level and rediscover the automotive world with Rota Meta! As a team specialized in virtual and augmented reality, we’re bringing an exciting transformation to the automotive industry. Now, we invite you to experience the future of automotive firsthand!

Who Are We?

Rota Meta was founded by a creative and innovative team dedicated to pushing the boundaries for drivers and automotive enthusiasts alike. Our goal is to captivate and surprise driving enthusiasts by making the automotive world more interactive, enjoyable, and informative.

Our Services:

Virtual Test Drives: Experience a new vehicle before getting behind the wheel. Showcase your vehicles to customers in an impressive way with virtual test drives.

Product Configurators: Stand out with interactive product configurators that allow customers to personalize and customize their vehicles.

Training and Maintenance Simulations:
Learn service and maintenance processes through interactive simulations. Better prepare your staff and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Rota Meta?

Technological Innovation: We lead the automotive industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Customer Satisfaction: We customize our services to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Collaborate with Rota Meta to expand the boundaries of the automotive world, outshine your competitors, and surprise your customers. Impress your customers with a driving experience and automotive interaction shaped by advanced technology.

Contact us and elevate your automotive experience to the next level!

Furniture and Bed:


Imagine reimagining your homes and living spaces, push the boundaries of reality with Rota Meta! We’re here to offer a unique experience in the furniture and bedding industry. Open the doors to the virtual world and experience the excitement of creating your dream home.

Who Are We?

Rota Meta consists of a team specialized in virtual and augmented reality in the furniture and bedding sector. We provide creative solutions to homeowners and designers to make furniture and bedding choices in a more conscious and impactful way.

Our Services:

Virtual Home Decoration: Provide homeowners with a real-time home experience by placing furniture and decoration products virtually.

Product Review and Customization: Interactively review furniture and bedding products and customize them with personalized options.

Realistic Augmented Furniture and Bedding Experience: Allow your customers to experience your furniture and mattresses in their homes through augmented reality and help them find the most suitable option by testing different bedding options in their homes.

Why Rota Meta?

Design and Innovation: We stand out with technological innovation in furniture and bedding design.

Customer Satisfaction: We customize our services to exceed customer expectations.

Sales Increase: Impress your customers with virtual experiences and increase your sales.

With Rota Meta, make your home and office design more impressive than ever before. Let’s integrate your website, mobile application with augmented reality, and turn furniture and bedding selection into a more enjoyable and conscious experience with virtual reality.

Contact us and discover how we can make a difference in transforming your living spaces!

Health Sciences:


We’re here at Rota Meta to make the healthcare sector more innovative and effective! With a powerful vision combined with virtual and augmented reality technology, we’re transforming the experience of patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare institutions. Take a step into the future of healthcare services now!

Who Are We?

Rota Meta is a company founded in 2015 that promotes technological innovation in the healthcare sector. Our aim is to enhance patient care, empower education, and optimize treatment processes by providing unique tools to healthcare professionals.

Our Services:

Patient Education and Informing: Increase patient awareness and engagement with interactive and instructive virtual reality content for patient education.

Surgical Simulations: Support surgeons in improving their skills and learning new techniques with interactive surgical simulations.

Therapeutic Virtual Reality: Accelerate patients’ healing processes with therapeutic virtual reality content to support physical and mental therapy processes.

Why Rota Meta?

Technology Leader in Healthcare: We lead the healthcare sector by utilizing the latest technology.

Patient-Centered Solutions: We customize our services to enhance the patient experience.

Education for Healthcare Professionals: We offer interactive training solutions to enhance the skills and knowledge level of healthcare staff.

Collaborate with Rota Meta to make healthcare services more accessible, effective, and human-centered. With our advanced technology and expertise in the healthcare sector, we’re here to transform the healthcare experience and pave the way for a healthier future.

Contact us and elevate your effectiveness in the healthcare field!

Tourism and Hotels:


Welcome to the world of virtual and augmented reality to elevate the travel experience! We’re here to offer a unique and impactful transformation in the hotel sector. By using technology, we’re pushing the boundaries to enchant your guests and create unforgettable moments.

Who Are We?

Rota Meta is a leader in virtual and augmented reality. Our goal is to make the accommodation experience offered by hotels more impressive than ever before. With a strong technological infrastructure, a creative vision, and an experienced team, we’re here to create an atmosphere for your guests that exceeds their expectations.

Our Services:

Virtual Tours and Showcases: Provide your guests with the opportunity to explore every corner of your hotel. Virtual tours and showcases will help impress potential guests and increase bookings.

Augmented Reality Experiences: Transport your hotel beyond the real world. Provide your guests with interactive and entertaining augmented reality experiences to create unforgettable moments.

Digital Advertising and Marketing: Reach your target audience more effectively. Highlight your hotel with digital advertising and marketing solutions supported by virtual and augmented reality.

Contact us and elevate your tourism and hotel experience to the next level!

Plastic Industry:


We’re here at Rota Meta to push the boundaries of the plastic industry and take the future of production experience one step further! As an industry-leading team converging with virtual and augmented reality technologies, we’re here to make your production processes smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient.

Who Are We?
Rota Meta was established to accelerate technological transformation in the plastic industry and enhance companies’ competitive advantage. We provide virtual and augmented reality tools for plastic manufacturers, designers, and engineers to develop their products more impressively.

Our Services:

Production Simulations: Simulate your plastic production processes in a virtual environment to increase efficiency and reduce error costs.

Product Design and Prototyping: Design your plastic products in a virtual environment and prototype them for rapid and cost-effective iterations.

Training and Job Safety Simulations: Train your staff and increase job safety awareness. Minimize risks with virtual reality training.

Why Rota Meta?

Technological Leadership: We offer solutions using the latest technology in the plastic industry.

Sustainability: Contribute to your sustainability goals by optimizing production processes.

Customer Satisfaction: We customize and support our services according to customer needs.

Let’s shape the future of the plastic industry together. Join forces with Rota Meta, optimize your plastic production processes with virtual and augmented reality, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Contact us and learn how we can make a difference in shaping the future of the plastic industry!




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